Submitting Join Requests is currently disabled until further notice.

This is because we have to be more selective about our members, and make sure that people who join understand, respect and follow the rules.
Because of this, we are also reviewing and editing the rules and will be stricter in the future.

Welcome to the Cartel

GTA Cartel is a community dedicated to CEO and MC work in GTA Online.
We love making money and mind our own business without the threat of random hostile players.

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We mind our own Business

GTA Cartel is a group dedicated to maintaining safe lobbies in Grand Theft Auto Online. We use these lobbies to make money and have fun without fighting or griefing to ruin anyone's day.

Kick off your GTA Online business

Our crew maintains safe public lobbies in GTA Online by keeping careful control of who is in there. We coordinate our efforts through Discord and always make sure that all our members can make money in peace.
Just remember the length of your prison sentence depends on how much cocaine you have.

Not just regular business - Events

We're regularly hosting events like car meets, races, tournaments or just pretend to be IGN by messing around as well as our usual business and grinding for some good cash. Take a look at some past events.

I want in!

We want peaceful, cooperative people to join the Cartel - all you have to do is commit to our rules, send an application, join our Discord server, participate in vote kicks and have fun in SAFE sessions.

Make sure you're careful to do everything properly before you apply, otherwise your application is most likely to be delayed and LJT is going to call you forever.

In addition to that make sure to read our rules and guidelines. Reading this will get you into Cartel quicker than you expected.

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