Due to space restrictions for private crews on Social Club we have closed down intake of new members until further notice. More details coming soon.

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Official Sessions

Full List of Banned Crews

Don't be a part of these crews and don't be friends with people in them. Nothing against the guys, but if they get in our lobbies, their crewmates join too. Not good for SAFEty.

The Holy Link

Watch this GIF to view the crews your friends belong to. The only way this can be viewed is in-game. 

The Holy Link shows all crews your friends are a part of, including secondaries. It does not tell you which friends are in which crews, unfortunately. You will need to check friends one-by-one to delete the secondary members.

If you are sending a Holy Link to a supervisor or linking it to your application form, our staff needs to see the top few rows of crews in the middle of the page and your Social Club ID in the top-right corner. Nothing else is required for a valid Holy Link.

Other Banned Crews

  • [817C] 817CH1N MC
  • [RAZE] llllRAZERllll
  • [AHLI] AnnihilationGTA
  • [SAFE] WA killers HD
  • [DRFT] Professional Drifter

All crews trying to impersonate us are considered banned crews. At the moment the following SC crews are using similar looking names and a SAFE tag trying to impersonate us and infiltrate our sessions. All of their members are considered banned players no matter if their names are on our banned player list.

  • [SAFE] gta cartei aiiies
  • [SAFE] gta cartei allies
  • [SAFE] gta cartei amigables
  • [SAFE] gta cartei auxiiia
  • [SAFE] gta cartei auxilia
  • [SAFE] gta cartei friendly
  • [SAFE] gta cartel auxiiia