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Guides and FAQs


Please don't taunt or trigger other members in-game or on Discord, either verbally or via your actions.

Aiming your rocket launcher at another member "just for fun", no matter your intentions, can easily be misconstrued.
Similarly, don't use language or perform actions that you know will anger or trigger someone else.

It can, and has, gotten ugly so don't do it unless you're ready to take the consequences; which can be up to a permanent removal from the crew.
Usually conflicts can be resolved one-on-one. Your export was spawn t-boned into the park lake? You beached a boat? Make up for it. Sell a car collection and let the hurt party take all the bonus pay. Help them with a business battle but allow them both items. It doesn’t have to be dollar for dollar; but the gesture usually goes a long way.

If however, you're unable to resolve the issue and reach an impasse or if the offense is egregious, file a report on the gtacartel.net website.
Don’t hesitate to report rule violations on gtacartel.net. However, not every report will end in a warning; for many incidents we speak to both parties and resolve the situation.

We, as staff, rely on your reports. A one-time incident might seem harmless, but sometimes reports show us patterns.
If you file a report, please add as much evidence as possible and list, if possible, witnesses for the reported incident.


Any time you join a public lobby you can bring modded elements into your cached data, even if you can’t see them and you carry them over into any lobby you join. If you were in a public lobby prior joining our sessions, please restart your game completely to keep our sessions clean.
Either you have already a friend in the session that you can join on or you send a friend request (FR) to a member. Please make sure to tag the member on Discord when you send a FR (i.e. @member FR sent) as it’s easy to miss the in-game notification. There is no need to send friend requests to everyone who is in the session with you.
Once you've sent your FR and tagged a member, please wait patiently for them to respond; they may be busy and need a minute before they can accept.
“Long period” means anything that requires counter measures against the automatic kick for idling after 15 minutes. Using the restroom or getting something to drink is not normally long time AFK.

You will get caught and there are penalties as severe as getting kicked out of the crew. We need your vote kick: be active and present in-game and on Discord when you are in a SAFE lobby. This becomes even a larger infraction especially if you’re hogging a MC/CEO slot.
It might take a few moments to set up a closed lobby (crew/friend/invite only) but it will prevent you from being AFK in one of our lobbies and bringing back any modded stuff from random public sessions.
Your businesses will continue producing in closed lobbies.
You are free to source or perform VIP missions if enough slots are available, but if somebody needs a slot for SALES, give up your spot as soon as you can. And if somebody decides to source with ample open slots, don’t complain about them using the lobby to source instead of helping you with a sale.
If a lobby becomes populated and most slots are taken and you want to source, check zoobot or unofficial sessions for less populated lobbies.
Most types of missions can be started in closed lobbies so it’s highly recommended to start them from a closed lobby. Even if you start in a SAFE lobby you might end up in a random public lobby.
VIP missions/MC contracts/Client jobs can accidentally kill a sale with lock-ons. Be sure to check the map and be aware of surrounding sales and the pathways they are taking.

Please note: many NPC targets of these missions/contracts are highly aggressive to any player who comes near them.
If you intend on "friendly" agreed upon PvP with a SAFE lobbymate, announce it to the whole lobby ahead of time so it doesn't lead to false reports.
However, if you agree to a two-hour deathmatch with someone with homing rockets in the middle of downtown LS or somewhere else on the map, it’s best to go to an invite only or crew session instead.
Not all randoms are griefers. Don't provoke them. If a random is hostile, band together and protect sales. You have every right to protect yourself and lobby sales by any means necessary. But that doesn't mean you're entitled to go out of your way to engage and kill the random for no reason.

Also, try to avoid talking with randoms, even if they speak first. Experience shows that discussions with randoms usually have poor outcomes.
If the random is peaceful, don’t go after him at all. He might come back later and attack the session. We've had this before.
Not every 1000 level member is a hacker, not every player with 100M+ is a cheater. Don’t harass and accuse based on appearance. Any harassment is punishable. Even if their gains were ill-gotten or illegitimate, as long as it happens before they came to the Cartel, we simply do not care.What people get before they join Cartel is fine, they just can’t do things against Rockstar TOS after they join the cartel.

However, while a member of the Cartel, whether in SAFE or random public lobbies, hacking is never allowed. If money is dropped on you in a public lobby, know the risks: keep it; report it to Rockstar - that’s up to you: you are the one risking a long term ban from GTAO.
If they won't, we can proceed to vote kicking. If something happens, you can be held responsible.
If you accidentally drop a proximity mine, take care of it. Announce it in the lobby so they don't kill a sale and disarm the mines immediately. To disarm them either turn around and shoot the blinking red light to detonate the mine or place 5 sticky bombs (this will remove previously placed explosives) in at a safe place and then detonate them.
This is especially important for the dune buggy bunker sale – these vehicles are always fitted with mines. Don’t try to use the horn.


If you offer to help with a sale or any other work, follow the instructions of the MC president/CEO. Nothing wrong with suggesting more efficient ways, but ultimately, it's the leaders sale: do it the way the leader wants. If you decide to die on an oppressor on your race to the drop off, that falls on you.

The only reason to disobey direct orders from the seller is when any kind of glitch is involved.
When four people need to make sales near the same time, coordinate. Instead of one person having enough and the other three being short a person or two, band together and get through the sales.
Entering a lobby and asking for help with sales, only to immediately disappear after the sale is made is frowned upon. It's a "help and be helped" community. Earning the reputation of being a "pump-and-dumper" will ensure you have trouble getting help in the future.
"LF 3 for vehicles, coke, meth, cash, weed, docs, full hangar, nightclub, 2 small warehouses, 1 large warehouse, bunker and nightclub": be honest with yourself – would you really help with that many sales at once?
Asking to tie up 3 people in the lobby for an hour of associate work is going to put off most players. It’s better to rotate with others to make sure EVERYONE gets help in selling what they need to sell. Though you may get the help for these large chain sales, it’s not a fair expectation or standard to hold over the community.
Let the president disband instead of leaving the club. Leaving the club marks you for death and prevents the disbanding for two minutes.

Likewise, if you are president, don't take all day to disband when sales are finished or if one of your helpers requests to leave. Disband after you answer the usual phone call at the conclusion of the sale. This prevents you from getting raided without notification and allows your helpers to perform their activities.
If you have enough helpers, say 4 total members, while having 3 boats, the best common practice is for the president to head to the next business sale. This saves a lot of time when there are multiple sales.
You don't need 6 people to deliver coke on 3 sea planes. Don't hog all the help when the help can be used elsewhere. That said, new people need money, experience and RP; so if they want to tag along as a fifth on a bunker sale, that’s fine. It’s only problematic when other people aren’t getting help that they may need. But it’s frustrating when you have 2 people for that 4 person car sale and you see 7 people in an MC for three boats.

In case you don't find enough helpers in a short time, please don't wait too long to start the sale. Depending on the business type you sell, you'll need a different minimal amount of helpers to finish the sale. You won't always need a team of 4 to finish sales.

For full large CEO warehouses and full MC businesses 2 helpers (a 3 player team) are enough, for a full bunker or a full hangar 3 helpers (a 4 player team) are necessary. A night club sale can be done solo and a car sale can be done with less than 3 helpers.
Do not EXPECT people to help with sources, though they may help. Most people source by themselves or purchase supplies. If nobody offers help, it's not being rude. Sourcing tends to be low priority since it can be done solo or through purchase. However, there are many new players to GTAO who can use the money, RP and experience and it’s a good way to show them some of the ropes. You ARE EXPECTED to give up your CEO/MC slot if it is needed for sales. If it’s a packed lobby, you are better off finding a less populated session for sourcing.

The same goes for VIP work – many NPCs are highly aggressive in the missions and tend to attack innocent players.
It’s preferable to work these out and iron out differences beforehand. PvP during Business Battles is still considered PvP and therefore not allowed. Stealing somebody else’s goods is a dick move. Common sense should apply; tone down the whining over these things. Claiming dibs on a business battle that is halfway across the map is another dick move when somebody that wants it is a block away.
If someone claimed it already in chat and is nearby or approaching it with a soon arrival, don’t go after it.
Do sales quickly but don’t rush them. Sometimes it’s better to take a bit more time and avoid damage or destruction of the product.
If somebody does $500 damage to a vehicle during I/E, whining about it is in poor taste. Nobody does these things intentionally and sometimes shit happens. Just deal with it as a cost of doing business instead of making a big deal out of it.
If you find yourself free, you can always bump those slow post op vans even if you aren't part of an MC (if they want it). You can also help out with raids when somebody announces their business is under attack. Help dislodge that stuck buggy on a bunker sale.

But please always ask for permission before you approach sale vehicles in order to help.


Activating your Discord account on the GTA Cartel server wasn't for giggles. It's a vital tool to our operations. If you find yourself never using Discord, we will find out and you will incur violations that may lead to your dismissal from crew.

Your Discord nickname needs to be a letter perfect match to your SC name at any time. You can set or ask a supervisor to set a nickname for our server in case you want to change your Discord account name.
Clicking the kick icon in Discord DOES NOT register as an in-game kick, you still have to use the player menu in game to kick the person. The kick icon in Discord is only to show that you participated in the kick and this is tracked by staff. Have your understanding of the votekicking process down perfectly. For more the process, check here. Participate on Discord with vote kicks. You'll eventually get caught if you aren't using Discord while in a SAFE lobby and there are penalties up to getting kicked from the crew.

This is a steadfast rule: USE DISCORD and VOTEKICK.
These happen if we suspect a lobby isn't paying attention to Discord and is unresponsive to vote kicking. Familiarize yourself with the check-in process and you want to participate when one is active. Failing to respond to a check-in is an infraction; too many infractions will limit your activity in SAFE.

When a check-in is called and you are in the lobby you’ll gain access to a normally hidden channel on Discord. In the session a check-in message will be posted and you’ll have a link to the channel. Simply click the link and follow the instructions in the #check-in channel (short version: post a message in the #check-in channel adding a reaction to the message is not sufficent). Your access to the check-in channel will be removed as soon as a staff member has noticed that you’ve responded. If you have no access to the channel you are not part of the check-in or you’ve already responded successfully.
If you change your Social Club name, use Discord to notify staff because then you will have a Social Club/Discord mismatch, and a mismatch in our database. Failure to notify staff will cause issues and may lead to being kicked from the crew.
You were probably red-roled because your friend list became an issue if a friend joined a banned crew. Get rid of the offending friend(s) or have them dump their crew and then provide an updated holy link screenshot in the red alert channel, which should be the only channel available to you.
You can right click a user’s name and add your own notes as a reminder for yourself about a certain player. You just dealt with a pump and dump player? Somebody refuses to help you back? Use Discord notes as your mental guide to your decisions in the future.

But watch out not to send the note as direct message to them.
Learn it and you will love it: but there is a right way and a wrong way to use zoobot. Zoobot is an incredibly handy tool that facilitates lobby flow but is often abused. Watch a tutorial on how to use it here.
DO NOT bump active kickvotes or staff/system messages with zoobot commands. Doing so will lead to you being assigned the bot abuse role which will inhibit the use of zoobot commands in session channels.

Social Club

You get booted because while you were inactive, a friend joined a banned crew or got banned and you didn't respond. For a short hiatus, there is no need to leave the Cartel, but please note that your friend list may become compromised during that time. If you permanently leave the Cartel, please let us know so we could free up the slot. You can always reapply if you left in good standing.

If you are on a hiatus please keep an eye on our #announcements channel. The most important information will be communicated there (i.e. new banned members or purges). It may be necessary for you to react to this messages.
Many people have been red-roled and eventually booted from the crew because their friends unknowingly joined a banned crew or got banned. Take the time to keep it clean and pertinent. The more SAFE friends you have that play during your times, the better - it will make joining lobbies easier.
You can check the crews of your friend as shown here.
At a minimum, keep your profile viewable by friends and crew. If you hide it, we will catch you. When we catch you, you will lose access.


We have lives like the rest of you and we get to stuff as quickly as life allows. There may be delays at times. We do our best to accommodate everyone and work from a wide range of time zones in an effort to help the flow of the crew, despite appearances.
While it may seem like there’s not much to do, try to imagine the challenges in dealing with 3500 members from different countries, backgrounds, religions, ages, sexes, language barriers, personalities, expectations, etc.

Some of the duties include, but are not limited to: Discord monitoring, Social Club profile checks, report handling, applications, rule development and documentation, lobby checks, conflict resolution, check-in management, development and maintenance of technical tools such as zoobot and the GTACartel website, management and upkeep of lobby hosts, mentoring, just to name a few.
Some infractions and penalties for those infractions are cut and dry. Unilateral decisions are few and far between since the Cartel staff discusses and comes to decisions as a group on many subjects, such as banning, booting from crew, philosophies and crew direction.
We are constantly on the lookout for members who would make great candidates for staff. When there is a need, we will contact you to see if you are interested. We notice model members that are dedicated to the Cartel and take them into consideration as a group.