Due to space restrictions for private crews on Social Club we have closed down intake of new members until further notice. More details coming soon.

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First things first: We are a PC-only crew.

XB1: Use PCEO instead.
PS4: Use CEO Friendly or FriendlySessions instead.

Important knowledge regarding the Cartel

Before you join Cartel (and even if you are an existing member), there is a lot you will need to know. You should understand each of our rules and know enough about GTA Online to make the most of what Cartel offers. For a more information about our rules visit our extended rules page

This knowledge isn't for a pop-quiz; it's just that not knowing these things will, sooner or later, result in you causing problems for others or getting yourself into trouble, and we don't want that. If you're friendly and you understand and follow our rules, you'll always be welcome in the Cartel.

Applying doesn't have any kind of test, though we will be able to tell by your Social Club / Discord profiles if you have read our rules. If you are not careful about the things listed below, your application will very likely be denied. If you stop being careful about these things after you join us, you will be found out and kicked at some point. Cartel holds its players to a high standard so that our system doesn't break down.

To prospective applicants:

It's nice to meet you!

After reading through the following rules carefully and making sure that you understand them, you can apply to join GTA Cartel on this page.

If you're stuck, we have many help pages available right here on the Rules page, from our Reddit index, as well as support on Discord.

After applying, feel free to introduce yourself to the people who make up your new community, and we have a Discord channel especially for this! Feel free to have conversations here and meet people you might soon be running sales with. If you have any questions while waiting for your application to be processed, ask in the #applicant_support channel in our Discord server, where we have Cartel Coordinators, Supervisors and Leaders checking 24/7.

Please do not ask about the status of your application. All applications will be seen to. If there is an issue, you will be contacted on your application page on gtacartel.net, which you should check every few hours. When you are accepted into Cartel you will receive a crew invite on Social Club and your Discord username will turn green, granting you access to our full suite of Discord channels.

Note: Going against the advice above is a great way to show that you haven't paid proper attention to this page. If somebody frequently or repeatedly bugs Cartel staff, or posts in Discord channels about their application, staff might choose to bump the application to the back of the queue. This can turn a 24-hour wait into two weeks. We work hard to verify all of the new members (sometimes up to 60 applications per day) and do not appreciate people being impatient, persistent or rude about their applications. So please be patient and courteous.

Support for existing members:

Any questions that you may have, the #help_and_support channel on our Discord server is the place to ask. We recommend looking for answers yourself before asking publicly if you want to make a good impression.

Feedback can given in #feedback on our Discord server.


A reporting page is available for anonymously reporting other members for minor infractions such as having friends in banned crews. If you have had a problem with another member, or you think they aren't obeying our rules, you can report them to us by navigating to their profile on gtacartel.net.

Whenever you make a report, please gather any and all evidence you can; screenshots can be hosted on Imgur and video evidence can be uploaded (as unlisted) to Youtube, and sent to us as links.

Incidents or concerns:

We can seldom act on a report with no evidence, unless lots of similar reports come in about the same member. If the incident is not that serious or you have concerns, please send a message with as much detail as possible to a Cartel Coordinator, Supervisor or Leader directly on Discord.

Note: Members involved in non-serious incidents, or who cause concern, will be spoken to by a Leader or Supervisor and will be asked to stay away from our sessions until the issue is fixed, but will otherwise not be punished or reprimanded.

Quick Links

Expanded Rules

Guides and FAQ

Full List of Banned Crews and Banned Members

Rules Declaration

If you join the GTA Cartel, you agree to maintain a working knowledge of all our rules, and understand that violating them can and will result in you being warned or kicked. Our rules all exist for good reasons, and skirting around them poses risk not just to yourself, but to your fellow Cartel members. Please be considerate and learn them, so that you can avoid causing problems for yourself and others.

Visit this page to view past changes made to the rules.

Quick Navigation

Rule 1 - No Griefing or Player-vs-Player Combat
Rule 2 - Sourcing and Sales
Rule 3 - Interaction with Others
Rule 4 - Keep Your Profile Clear
Rule 5 - Vouching & Custom Crews
Rule 6 - Discord, Social Club, Reddit

Rule 7 - Advertising Cartel
Rule 8 - Rockstar's Rules
Rule 9 - Respect Our Staff

Rule 1 - No Griefing or Player-vs-Player Combat

Don't be "That Guy"

The Cartel is anti-PvP. It is wrong to use our sessions as a safety net to escape violence, and then bring violence to others, even if they are outside of Cartel. We do not allow any griefing or Player-vs-Player (PvP) combat.

Regarding PvP, there are very limited exceptions, which you can view in our expanded rules page.

  • This rule applies to Cartel members in free-roam sessions. This means all free-roam sessions - not just ones run by Cartel. PvP in deathmatches, adversary modes, etc. is fine. Fighting a player completing a free-roam event such as Hunt the Beast is okay only if the player has said so in game-chat.

  • Harming any other player's Source or Sale, on purpose or accidentally, is considered a huge offence in Cartel and we take it seriously. Always take care around other peoples' business/work.

  • We permit combat in self-defence. You may return fire against someone, but never fire first. If someone has killed or attacked you, do not hunt them down or seek revenge.

  • Intentionally annoying other players in any way can be considered griefing. If you have been annoying somebody and they attack you, we may treat it as if you attacked first.

  • PvP is allowed in our sessions under certain circumstances. Check the detailed rules page for more info.

There are exceptions to this rule, and some game-settings that we require to be set in our sessions too, to avoid accidentally harming other players. In fact, there's a lot of detail behind Rule 1. Again, our expanded rules page is worth a look for this rule.

If you think one of our players is breaking this rule, it's important to talk to a Leader / Supervisor, or report the player by finding their profile on gtacartel.net. Even if no action can be taken against it, it is very helpful to have any suspicions on record.

PvP outside Cartel

If you want to engage in freemode PvP away from our sessions, you must leave the Cartel entirely, remove all SAFE players from your friend list, and reapply if you wish to rejoin at a later date.

Rule 2 - Sourcing and Sales

Make your Sales quick and clean

No attacking or any hostile behaviour will be tolerated towards anybody (Cartel or otherwise) while they are doing any kind of Sales, Supply Runs or Sourcing.

Generally during Sales and Sourcing you should keep your distance and avoid any behaviour that might be obstructive. Make sure that whatever activity you're up to will not interfere with another player or the sale (for example, hostile NPCs often target any nearby player, even if they have nothing to do with the activity that spawned them).

  • Gunrunning and Air Freight missions especially can spawn large numbers of brutally hostile NPCs who will attack any players nearby - try not to let anybody else get caught up in the cross-fire!

CEO/MC Presidents who are selling:

  • It is ultimately your decision who flies or drives - choose people you trust in case of accidents.
  • A member causing a failed Sale deliberately or by being careless should be reported on gtacartel.net, but accidents do happen. We've all been victim to a failed Sale, so try not to get too upset when something goes wrong. If a fellow crew member makes no attempt to "make it right" or apologize, let us know.
  • "Pumping and dumping" or "sale and bail" (having people help with your Sales, and not giving up your own time to help others' Sales in return) is considered a big offence in the Cartel. Please try to help one other person for each person who has helped you.
  • Chain Sales or Chain Selling is where a member makes a large number of consecutive sales (usually 3 or more). While this is not explicitly prohibited, understand that potential helpers may not want to commit such a long period of time in only helping one person. We recommend that you split up your sales (sell one or two at a time) and help others in between to build trust from your fellow members.

    Additionally, if you do choose to make a chain sale, please make it clear exactly how many sales you will be making (for example, if you have 3 MC businesses and a bunker, say "3 for 3x MC and 1x Bunker" rather than "4 for sales.") This clears up any potential confusion for those who choose to help you.

If you're helping out with a Sale:

  • Within reason, always follow the seller's instructions/strategy when helping with a Sale (unless it involves a glitch, which you are not obligated to take part in)
  • Try to make Sales go quickly but without being reckless. Be careful with others' delivery vehicles even if it takes a little bit longer. Slow and steady is sometimes best.

Rule 3 - Interaction with Others

Cartel believes in respect

Be respectful and friendly to anyone you may interact with, inside and outside of GTA Cartel; as a member of the Cartel please be courteous and mature.

Don't be rude, and take care if you're being sarcastic as it can easily be misunderstood in text-form. Help others and you will be helped in return, allowing everyone to benefit hugely.

We are apolitical, and will not allow extreme content that a reasonable person would find offensive (casual/light-hearted/respectful politics is fine). Our Staff and members all have their own political viewpoints and may choose to speak about them or debate over them, but being rude or offensive about these topics will not be tolerated.

This rule also includes no racism, sexism, homophobic or otherwise offensive or upsetting content. Don't target any particular members or groups of members for harassment or abuse. Remember we are a global community and language that is tolerated in other settings may still be offensive to others. Basically just be nice and err on the side of politeness.

People who intentionally start arguments or confrontations, or display / post usernames, text or images designed or highly likely to incite a negative reaction, will be subject to the judgement of the GTA Cartel Staff and may be reprimanded. Repeat offenders could even be banned. This applies to anything which a reasonable person might object to.

Our members deserve privacy and discretion; please don't reveal any details about any player such as their real name, location, age, profession or family unless you know they don't mind.


In our sessions, please keep interaction with non-Cartel players to a bare minimum. The longer a non-Cartel player is in our session, the greater the chances of others joining on them. We prefer to resolve the situation quickly.

When interacting with non-members in GTA Online, please remember your manners and be polite to them. We have no problem with any GTA players on a personal level, and even when we have to ask them to leave or boot them, there is no need to be disrespectful or rude. They only want to play the game, just as we do.

Do not mention any Cartel procedures in-game when a non-Cartel member is present. This includes directing them on how to join. Random players do not need to know anything about what we do or what we are up to.

Rule 4 - Keep Your Profile Clean

Because Rockstar Matchmaking is a bitch

Don't be part of any official Rockstar crews such as IGN, MP3 and RDR (check our full list below or here), and remove friends who are part of these crews. This includes both active and secondary crews. We never make exceptions to this rule.

Tip: These crew tags can be spotted easily in Social Club by their tag with a pointed left side - different to other crews whose tags are rectangular. Every 3-letter crew is a banned crew in Cartel, so those ones are easy to spot, but some also have four letters.

This is a permanent responsibility for Cartel members. Members in a banned crew will be kicked, and members with friends in banned crews (FIBC) will not be allowed access to our sessions until the issue is resolved. You should check regularly to make sure your friends list is not compromised. If you have more than one FIBC, you'll be kicked from our Social Club crew and subject of a 7 day - or longer - cooldown before you're allowed to reapply.

Full list of banned crews:

But why?
This rule is very important. Find more information on our expanded rules page.

How do I find my friends in these crews?
Watch this GIF to view the crews your friends belong to. The only way this can be viewed is in-game. 

We jokingly call this "The Holy Link". For more information on our Holy Link, check out our expanded rules page. Although it shows if you do or don't have friends in banned crews, it will not tell you who is in which crew. Unfortunately you will have to check each friend manually.

In addition to this, joining Cartel indicates that you vouch for everyone left on your friend list. If somebody on your list makes their way into our sessions and they are not in Cartel, they are your responsibility. It is your job to make sure they leave the session, and if they cause any trouble, you will be held responsible by our staff.

Other banned crews

There are a few other crews banned in GTA Cartel, due to coordinated attempts at griefing our sessions. For a list, check our expanded rules page.

Banned Players

We do not allow certain players to be on any GTA Cartel Member's friend lists. This is due to past attempts at griefing, trolling, or severely undermining the core values of the crew. The full list of banned players is here.

Tip: If your friend is in a banned crew but is also friendly, you could delete them while you wait for them to leave their generic crew.

Rule 5 - Vouching & Custom Crews

Get your friends involved (Community Sessions only)

The Vouching System - Vouching for your non-SAFE friends to temporarily play in our Community Sessions (never in the Official Sessions - TerminalBunny, SockOtter, and CheddarMouse) is something the Cartel allows, but it is not encouraged. You shouldn't vouch for a friend if they are not interested in applying and joining us fully. We currently have a few criteria for vouching to prevent the system being abused:

  • You have checked with the session host that vouching is okay, or if you cannot reach the session host, you know that the other players in the session do not have a problem with vouched friends
  • You announce your friend's Social Club ID in the session game-chat and in the #unofficial Discord channel before the friend joins
  • You are responsible for your vouched friend's profile and actions. You will ensure their profiles and friend lists are visible to everyone, that they follow all Cartel rules and procedures, and that their profile matches Cartel standards - you may be officially warned if there are any problems
  • You may only vouch for one friend at a time
  • If you leave the session, your vouched friend must leave too (if they're helping a Source or Sale, they may leave after it is complete)
  • Each player can only be vouched for twice - this includes if different Cartel members vouch for the same player
  • One vouch is good for up to six hours

Custom Crews - Maybe you want to play in Cartel sessions but you really love your custom crew-colour T-shirt. Maybe the Cartel logo just doesn't look as good on your sick, tuned-up muscle cars as your homemade one.

If you want to keep using your custom crew colours and logos in our sessions, that's okay - you can start what's known as an Unofficial Cartel Crew. The catch is that you'll need to follow our special requirements for doing this, to help us track who's who. To see the full list of requirements, check our expanded rules page.

Rule 6 - Discord, Social Club and Reddit

Have your accounts in order

Participation on our Discord server is absolutely mandatory, so please make sure your nickname on our Discord server matches your Rockstar Social Club ID exactly at all times. If you are not found on our Discord server, you will be removed from the crew. To join our Discord server, click here.

  • Discord participation is required at all times while you are playing in any Cartel session - keep the relevant channel visible and nearby and check it regularly for important updates such as votekicks, announcements and check-ins
    • If you are away from your PC while in a Cartel session you must still frequently check the Discord channel for that session - if you miss a check-in or votekick, you will be endangering the session and when caught, will be issued a warning.
  • You are expected to keep checking regularly regardless of what is going on in-game - only while under attack or flying aircraft are you considered unable to check
  • All official instructions on Discord are binding on top of these rules
  • We must be able to find you on Discord quickly and easily to verify you - your Social Club name and Discord nickname must be a perfect match
    • When you change your Discord nickname on our server, it will only change on our server and other servers will not be affected

For more information on what Discord is used for and why it is so important, have a look at the expanded rules page


Before you join us, your "Profile visibility" should be set to "Everyone", and "Show my friends" should be set to "Yes". We must be able to check these in order to verify you.

  • If you are under 18 years of age, Rockstar Social Club may not allow you to display your profile to everyone. If this is the case, please let us know on your application page on gtacartel.net.
  • You can change "Profile Visibility" to "Friends & Crews" after being accepted into one of our Social Club crews.

Reddit accounts are required

  • Sign-up to Reddit: click here
  • Your Reddit account name does not need to match your Social Club ID or Discord name
  • You are still required to have an account even if you don't use Reddit much or at all
  • Throwaway accounts are permitted
  • You can also subscribe to /r/gtacartel (optional but appreciated)
  • Try not to lose your Reddit account name / password, and make sure to set a verified email address so you can retrieve a new password if you have issues
    • If you do lose your Reddit account access, let us know and we will be able to attach your gtacartel.net account with a new Reddit one

Rule 7 - Advertising Cartel

Keep our community at its best

Do not advertise the GTA Cartel publicly. We want friendly and respectful players in the crew and to avoid griefers or people you can't vouch for.

Please just stick to sharing us by word of mouth with people you definitely know are friendly players, or when you specifically see someone looking for a friendly crew. Do not invite random players to join us unless you know for certain that they can be trusted. It is important for us to keep up a high quality of applicants.

You should never stream any gameplay footage from inside a Cartel session.

You should never mention our website or any platform we are using to random players in any GTA Online session. We wish only to be advertised by word-of-mouth to trusted individuals.

Note: This is all because we don't want to be suggested inside of Reddit threads, other social media, or any GTA Online sessions where there are potentially griefers with grudges or hatred against groups who play friendly as we do, as this might give these people bad ideas or information to track us.

We also ask that you do not publicly reveal any names, pictures, details or voice recordings of Cartel members anywhere. We protect the right of each and every Cartel member to maintain their privacy.

Rule 8 - Rockstar's Rules

Play nice, don't get us in trouble

Never publicly talk about any GTA Online glitches, mods or exploits

We do not break any Rockstar Terms & Conditions in the way we operate. We only wish to play the game in a way that fits inside their rules, but keeps things more peaceful and cooperative than GTA Online naturally is. Generally, Cartel members dislike mods, exploits and rule-breaking behaviour. We want to play the game smart, but not by cheating the system.

  • Do not use any Cartel platforms (such as our Subreddit, Discord channels, or in-game chat) to promote (i.e. give any names of, or any instructions on how to use) external tools such as "mod menus", trainers or even aspects of Windows OS if they can be used to "cheat" the game. For more details on what kind of things we mean, look at the expanded rules page.

  • If you do intend on using any game modifications or exploits (which we strongly discourage as it violates Rockstar ToS), as a GTA Cartel member you agree to keep these things away from our sessions and our members, and never to use them against any other players.

  • Do not use our Discord channels to discuss exploiting RP/GTA$ related game bugs ("money glitches") whose intention are to interfere with the normal operation of GTA Online, interfere with other players, or to gain rapid amounts of GTA$/RP while skipping the grinding that is usually expected. Do not bypass these rules by talking about these things anywhere else on Rockstar's system (Including Organization Chat and direct messages).

    • There is always a chance that you get reported by someone, or you trigger an automated system, and we do not want any association with players who do those things. Do not expect other members to help you exploit a glitch. Many of our players don't appreciate these things and want to play the game 100% legitimately.

Note: Smart game strategy, still within the game mechanics and that could be considered intentional, is permitted.

Rule 9 - Respect Our Staff

Again, don't be "That Guy"

Respect the authority of our Leaders and Supervisors - our staff try to be fair and helpful so please follow instructions and respect the decisions made.

Our staff (Leaders, Supervisors, Documentation Team and Coordinators) all give up their time voluntarily. They are not paid and they are not obligated to do anything they don't want to do. Please keep this in mind.

We try not to be heavy handed. If you are respectful and honest, our team will treat you the best they can, no matter the situation.

Everyone with a report against them is given a fair chance - we look into the severity of the rule infraction, the member's history with us, and if they have continued to do things they've been told not to do. Our main concern is preventing problem behaviours from being repeated, not punishing people.

Generally, we only ban people in extreme cases, with clear evidence, or after multiple repeat offences, but we do take swift action against obvious trolls/infiltrators too.


You must make sure to enable Discord direct messages for Cartel members and Staff.

If our team cannot get an important message to you via Discord, we reserve the right to exclude you from our community.


We also reserve the right to take additional action against behaviour which isn't explicitly against the rules, when we deem it necessary to maintain the integrity of the crew and our values. You may appeal a decision by contacting a Leader directly, but beyond that, our decisions are final. We are a private community and strongly maintain the right to choose who we allow to use our services.