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Rules Changelogs


  • Inserted Quick Navigation for ease navigation to individual rules.
  • Clarified Chain Selling in Rule 2:

    Another offence is "chain selling" - asking for help with many Sales back to back. This makes you look selfish and suggests you don't want to help anybody else. Space your Sales out, help other people in-between and build trust.

    Chain Sales or Chain Selling is where a member makes a large number of consecutive sales (usually 3 or more). While this is not explicitly prohibited, understand that potential helpers may not want to commit such a long period of time in only helping one person. We recommend that you split up your sales (sell one or two at a time) and help others in between and build trust from your fellow members.

    Additionally, if you do choose to make a chain sale, please make it clear exactly how many sales you will be making (for example, if you have 3 MC businesses and a bunker, say "3 for 3x MC and Bunker" rather than "3 for sales.") This clears up any potential confusion for those who choose to help you.