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We are back in business

Published on Friday, July 27th 2018 by SocialOfficer

We're happy to announce that we have finalized our revamped website and that we're back in business.

The site update has been in the works since January and the site has received a huge facelift, alongside new features. We highlighted some of these features in our previous preview post, check it out. Here are some key notes and major changes:

Zoobot Support

Zoobot (our bot that provides a list of all official SAFE session with their active players) has been integrated into our website. Zoobot is available for all Verified Members across all pages on our website and you don't need to worry about manually signing into session on our site anymore. Everything is being done for you automatically.

In exchange for Zoobot integration, community session listings have been deprecated for now. I'm currently planning a different approach for community sessions including supporting event sessions, riot sessions or just sessions for grinding and maintaining your own business. Stay tuned for more info in the weeks ahead.

Customize Your Profile

Your profile settings have received a huge facelift as well. You can choose between various GTA Online updates and set them as your profile theme. You're also able to select all businesses you own and they'll be displayed in your profile for everyone.

Also coming soon, you'll be able to showcase your own Criminal Enterprises on your own Los Santos map. This is one of the features I also look forward to develop, keep an eye out for more info.

New Join Request Process

We also made couple of changes related to our join request process. Our site guides you through all steps that are required for you to join us. We'll give all new applicants only one chance at applying, so please make sure you fully read and understand the rules before joining us. This has various internal management reasons and allows us to be more selective about crew members.


Some of you may not be part of the crew and have been set to unverified on our website. Those users who were suddenly set to unverified haven't responded to our messages while we performed an audit a few weeks or months ago. However, if you're interested in joining us again, please get familiar with our rules and just shoot us a join request again.

Those who changed their Social Club names since we were offline are also affected by the purge. Please submit another join request and let us know that you’ve changed your Social Club name.

Support us

The Cartel is being run by individuals who commit their time for this community during their spare time, free of charge. Everything is self-funded, but if you want to support us, charitable causes, and buy games for low prices at the same time, please do us a favor and shop on Humble Bundle by using our partner link: https://www.humblebundle.com/?partner=gtacartel

You get to choose how much of your purchase you want to spend on us while not paying any extra bucks at checkout. For every new Humble Bundle Monthly subscription, we also get a small bonus. This helps us to maintain expenses for our server, licenses for software and games, hardware and everything Cartel related. Check out our monthly financial report on our Discord server for reference. We'd be very grateful if you choose to support us in this way.

And for those who would like to support us in a different way, we're also looking forward to introducing Patreon soon.

Thank you

... for your patience and support over the last few months. Special shout out to all Supervisors and our Coordinators WristyGolf, tobaccotrader, Arcade116 and serial099 who have tested the website during the last few days and weeks. I hope you enjoy using it as much as I did while I've developed it.

Cheers, and see you in Los Santos!

- SO and the whole GTA Cartel staff