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Official Sessions



These rules apply at any time while you’re member of our Discord server.


(1) Be respectful and polite

Hate speech, racist remarks, sexual slurs and downright disrespect will not be tolerated and you may be sanctioned. This rule also applies to any kind of content on this server including posted messages, nicknames and profile pictures.


(2) Keep the server Safe for work and life

Don't post NSFW or NSFL stuff.

If you are not sure if it’s okay to post something, either ask staff or simply don’t post it.


(3) Don’t behave in a toxic manner.

This includes, but is not limited, to spamming messages, memes and ASCII images outside of the considered channel. This also includes sending random discord invites and/or instigating drama. If there is a disagreement with a user that isn't civil, work to defuse it or message a member of staff so we can handle it.


(4) Policy on glitches and exploits

Do not link content regarding how to exploit, glitch, or hack the game to play it in a way other than how it was intended.

Discussions about said topics are not allowed and will be closed by staff. Depending on severity of the the post(s) this may end in a removal from the crew. Discussing smart gameplay strategy within the intended function of the game is allowed, anything beyond is not. If you are unsure, either ask the staff or simply don’t post it. Exploiting, glitching and hacking by yourself can end based on the severity on a full ban.


(5) Don't call out people.

There is no need for creating unnecessary drama in public channels. Please report anyone violating the rules ingame and/or to staff - either using the website or in DMs. We reserve the right to invoke sanctions should we find that any rules have been violated, including full removal from the crew.


(6) Advertisements

Don’t advertise this crew on any platforms. Don’t advertise other crews/servers here without first obtaining permission from a member of staff. This also includes advertisements for games and other products. Sharing links for free game giveaways is accepted.


(7) Platforms

We are a PC primary crew, but users from all platforms - PC, Playstation and Xbox - are all welcome here.

Avoid creating drama and arguments about which platform is better. You may not be able to play with members of this community on other platforms than PC. Certain games are platform-specific or lack cross-platform multiplayer.


(8) Channel topics and intended use

Please be mindful of channels and their intended use.

Try to keep LFG posts in the LFG channels and stay on topic in others. You may be asked by staff to move in another channel if you’re too far offtopic. Abusing certain features or posting inappropriate content may end in limitations.


(9) Game Specific Rules

Certain games (such as GTA) have additional rules specific to that game.


(10) Salvatorian clause

We reserve the right to take additional action against behavior which isn't explicitly against the rules, when we deem it necessary to maintain the integrity of the crew and our values. You may appeal a decision by contacting an Administrator directly, but beyond that, our decisions are final. We are a private community and strongly maintain the right to choose who we allow to use our services.



Sanctions are based on the case and may depend on various circumstances. On further note: several minor incidents may be summed up in one collective sanction. They can be, but are not limited to:

- removal of content

- limitations of using our bots and channels

- a warning

- a temporary mute

- a mute

- temporary removal from the crew (suspension)

- removal from the crew without the chance to rejoin (shadowban)

- a fully public ban



GTA specific rules

These are extension rules that apply in addition to the general rules.

The rules apply to all verified members of this community.

Our sessions for GTA Online are PC only.


(1) Rules on PvP and griefing

As a member of the Cartel, you are not allowed to engage in PvP fights in public lobbies unless you, or your goods, are under direct attack that you can’t escape without engaging in PvP. PvP modes (like adversary modes) are not limited by this rule.

Intentionally annoying other players in any way can be considered griefing. If someone that you have intentionally annoyed attacks you, you will be considered the instigator of the incident.


If you want to engage in freemode PvP, you must leave the Cartel entirely and remove all SAFE players from your friend list. If you wish to rejoin at a later date, you can reapply normally.


(2) Rules on sales, sources and other money earning methods

You are not allowed to attack or interfere with other players’ sales, sourcing runs or other open lobby activities (i.e. Headhunter). This includes, but is not limited to, reckless or inconsiderate behavior near sales as well as direct attacks.


As a player in general:

Keep a safe distance to other players’ runs unless they ask for help. This will reduce the risk of confusion and lower the chances of being caught in the crossfire, since most activities spawn NPCs that are hostile to all players in the lobby.


As a seller:

Communicate how many sales you wish to do and start them when you have enough members. As a guideline, three helpers are enough for any kind of sale, so please don’t hog helpers and prevent them from helping others. Avoid sale trains (3 or more sales in a row) unless you are helping other players with their sales. On average, you are expected to help others roughly the same amount of times as you have received help.


As a helper:

Follow the seller’s instructions unless they involve glitches. Make your run as quick as possible without being reckless. Certain vehicles (i.e. an Oppressor) may be considered as reckless behavior. Certain sales require you to protect the goods from hostile NPCs, please consider appropriate protection for these cases.


BB rules:

If you want to participate in BB you must own a Nightclub and announce your participation in the in-game chat prior moving to the product. To claim the product you must be a reasonable distance to the location, only two players can claim a BB (and split the product) prior to engaging in the activity. If one player is already at the location of the BB or holds the goods; it's their product. BB runs are treated like any other source or sale.


Occupying a CEO/MC slot without needing to:

You are not allowed to occupy a CEO/MC slot if you are not actively making money (sales, runs etc.) through CEO/MC activities. If you are using a slot for sourcing or other activities that do not require a public session, you are expected to give up your slot for sale runs when you're asked but only after you have finished your current activity.


(3) Your SocialClub profile

You are fully responsible for ensuring that your SocialClub (SC) profile matches our standards at any time. If your profile does not match the standards we may limit your access to crew features.


Certain crews are banned from Cartel’s friend list either for being a generic crew or because of trouble they have previously caused. The Cartel has also banned certain players and therefore, you are not allowed to be friends with them. Banned crews and banned friends are listed on separate sites, please follow the links.


Your SC profile must be “visible to everyone” during the application process. You may change this to “visible to friends and crew” once you become a member. If you are under 18, please message us since you won’t be able to set your profile to public.


(4) Rules on our sessions and crew

While playing in our sessions, random non-crew players from outside may join the session. In this event, a kickvote will be initiated. It is mandatory to participate in kickvotes as soon as you are able to. Participating in kickvotes takes priority over other activities in the game.


How to kick?

First, in-game: Pause > Online > Players > Highlight the player > kick. Then, check your session channel: if the kick has already been announced, react by clicking on the “kick” icon. If not, post the random non-crew player’s name in the relevant session channel together with a "kick" icon. Do not split kickvotes.


You may bring your friends into certain unofficial sessions by vouching for them. Vouching is never allowed in official sessions (named sessions with corresponding Discord channels). It’s the host’s decision whether vouching is allowed in the unofficial session or not. Ask them first unless it’s pinned in the channel. Your friend’s profile needs to match our profile standards and they have to obey the same rules as any other member of the Cartel. Before they join, you have to announce this in #unofficial and in the session in-game.


Custom crews:

You may create or join a custom crew (a crew sporting a SAFE tag in SC) while being a member of the Cartel. These custom crews are allowed only if all the members are Cartel members. If you are the leader of such a custom crew, it is your responsibility to ensure that all crew members are also Cartel members. If you are a member of such a crew, it is your responsibility to leave the crew if there are non-Cartel members sporting the SAFE tag. Doing so reduces the chances of randoms sneaking into our session undetected.


(5) Discord

When playing in our sessions you have to monitor the corresponding Discord channel. You have to respond there to friend requests and kickvotes. If you get tagged by staff in any channels, please respond in the corresponding channel.


While a member of the Cartel, you have to check the #announcements channel regardless of how active you are in the community. All important information will be posted there so if you want to remain in the SC crew - make sure to always read announcements.


Your Discord nickname has to be a letter perfect match to your SC name the entire time that you are a verified member of the crew.


(6) Advertising the Cartel

Advertising the Cartel is not allowed on any platforms.


Streaming in our sessions is not allowed unless all members in the session agree to it.